NSS merupakan perusahaan hulu perkebunan kelapa sawit dengan 5 area perkebunan berlokasi di Kalimantan Tengah, khususnya untuk penjualan produk minyak sawit berkualitas tinggi: Tandan Buah Segar (TBS), Minyak Sawit Mentah (CPO) dan Biji Sawit (PK).

Sawit NSS Sawit Mentah Biji Sawit CPO Pengolahan Sawit Tandan Buah Segar Minyak Mentah

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At a Glance

We are a fast growing palm oil producer located in Central Kalimantan, Indonesia. Our aim is to produce high quality palm oil products responsibly in a way that ensures a sustainable, profitable and green environment for all.


To become a world-class, leading Crude Palm Oil producer that is responsible and sustainable through continuous improvement, while enhancing the livelihoods of our surrounding communities.


  • To enhance the value of stakeholders and shareholders.
  • To align our business practices with acceptable social and environmental standards while exercising good corporate governance.
  • To elevate the lives of our workforce and surrounding communities.



“Palm plantation is an essential industry for Indonesia’s economic growth as numerous businesses and farmers/plasma owners are dependant on CPO.”

Palm Plantation

CPO Mill and Special Terminal

Core Values




Environmental Sustainability

Good Corporate Governance