Corporate Social Responsibility

CSR is the foundation for creation of sustainable business development through preservation of surrounding and environment. Our company motto is to build trust and mutually grow with our shareholders and stakeholders. In realization of the CSR programs, the Company is mindful to be impartial and to comply with the prevailing local laws, in order to eradicate and minimizepotential adverse impacts on the company. 

There are 4 main CSR programs:

1. Health

  • Free milk program
  • Immunization & Integrated Infant Healthcare Center
  • Mass Circumcisions

2. Education

  • Child Day Care
  • Donation of used computers to nearby schools

3. Infrastructure

  • Road building and maintenance
  • Soccer Field establishment

Social & Culture

  • Rice donation for victims of natural disasters
  • Neighborhood bazaar to supply daily needs and to provide recreation for families
  • Security team formation to ensure a safe living environment